Management Accounting

Section 1. - Nature and Scope of Management Accounting 

Introduction to Management Accounting
Nature of Management Accounting
Scope of Management Accounting
Functions of Management Accounting
Advantages of Management Accounting
Tools of Management Accounting
Financial Accounting Vs Management Accounting

Section 2. - Financial Statements 

Introduction to Financial Statements
Vertical Form of Balance Sheet
 Use of Financial Statements

Section 3. - Financial Statement Analysis 

 Comparative Financial Statement
Performa of Comparative Income Statement
Comparative Balance Sheet 
Comparative Income Statement 
Common Size Balance Sheet Analysis 
Common Size Income Statement Analysis
Steps to Analyze Financial Statement
Limitation of Financial Statement Analysis
Accounting Trend Analysis

Section 4. - Ratio Analysis 

Introduction to Ratio Analysis
Accounting Ratio PPT
Advantages of Ratio Analysis
Steps to Calculate Accounting Ratios
Current Ratio
Quick Ratio
Absolute Liquid Ratio 
Inventory Turnover Ratio
Inventory Conversion Period
Debtor Turnover Ratio
Average Collection Period
Creditor Turnover Ratio
Average Payment Period
Cash Conversion Period
Working Capital Turnover Ratio
Immediate Solvency Ratio
Profitability Ratio
Cash Flow Ratio
Analysis of Long Term Solvency
Debt Equity Ratio
Debt Equity Ratio (Simplified)
Solvency Ratio
Equity Ratio
Interest Coverage Ratio
Cash to Debt Service Ratio 
Current Assets to Shareholders' Fund Ratio
Limitations of Ratio Analysis
Du-Pont Control Chart
Gross Margin
Net Profit Margin

Section 5. - Cash Flow Statement

Introduction to Cash Flow Statement
Calculation cash from operations

Section 6. - Fund Flow Statement 

Introduction to Fund Flow Statement
Importance of Fund Flow Analysis

Section 7. - Financial Planning 

Introduction to Financial Planning
Financial Planning Video Explanation

Section 8. - Cost of Capital  

Cost of Equity Share Capital
Cost of Preference Share Capital 
Weighted Average Cost of Capital
Cost of Retained Earning

Section 9. -  Sources of Finance 

Introduction to Sources of Finance

Section 10. - Control of Capital Issue - SEBI 

 Introduction to SEBI
Role of SEBI
Inside Trading

Section 11. - Dividend Policy  

Dividend Policy and its Theories

Section 12. - Capital Budgeting  

Pay Back Period
Rate of Return
Present Value
Cut off Rate
Net Present Value
Internal Rate of Return
Modified Internal Rate of Return
Profitability Index
Capital Rationing

Section 13. - Responsibility Accounting 

 Introduction to Responsibility Accounting

Section 14. - Working Capital Management 

 Introduction to Working Capital Management
Concept of Working Capital
Importance of Adequate Working Capital
Optimum Working Capital
Working Capital Forecasts
Determinants of Working Capital
Working Capital Management
Treasury Management
Management of Cash
Management of Marketable Securities
Management of Sundry Debtors
Management of Inventory
Investment in Working Capital

Section 15. - Management Information System 

Introduction of Management Information System
Characterstics of MIS
Structure of MIS
Typology of MIS

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