Financial Management Notes

Financial Management is one of important subject which is taught in different courses. So, today, we are publishing financial management notes online at this website. You can either download all following financial management notes or you can bookmark this web page for future reference. We did hard work to simplify different topics of financial management after studying different books.

Financial Management : An Overview Working Capital Management


Significance of Financial Management Concept of Working Capital
Scope of Financial Management Importance of Adequate Working Capital
Objectives of Financial Management Optimum Working Capital
Functions of Finance Manager Working Capital Forecasts
Methods and Tools of Financial Management Determinants of Working Capital
Role of Finance Manager Working Capital Management
Place of Financial Management in Organization Structure Treasury Management
Scenario of Financial Management in India Management of Cash
Financial Management under Limited Resources Management of Marketable Securities
Time Value of Money Management of Sundry Debtors
Management of Inventory
Investment in Working Capital


Tools of Financial Analysis Capital Budgeting and Project Planning
Introduction Introduction
Ratio Analysis Meaning of Capital Budgeting
Cash Flow Analysis Importance of Capital Budgeting
Fund Flow Analysis Types of Capital Investment Decisions
Cash Budgeting Project Evaluation Techniques

Cut off Rate

Net Present Value

Internal Rate of Return
Capital Rationing
Estimation of Future Cash Flows
Social Cost Benefits Analysis
Relation between Risk and Return
Leverage  Capital Structure
Concept of Leverage Capital Structure Planning
Operating Leverage Capital Structure Theories
Financial Leverage Importance of Capital Structure
Combined Leverage
Impact of Leverage on Risk and Return
Impact of Leverage on ROE

Cost of Capital  Source of Finance
Measurement of Cost of Capital Financial Needs
Cost of Debt
Venture Capital Financing
Cost of Equity
Debt Securitization
Weighted Average Cost of Capital Lease Financing
Marginal Cost of Capital International Finance
Finance Vs Financing

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