Business Environment Notes

Business Environment Education should be given to each student of commerce because without analysis of business environment, no business survives. It  is taught in B.Com, M.Com, MBA. Our aim to write business environment notes is to simplify all the topics which are given in business environment books. Hope, you will bookmark this page for your future study.

{ Important Note : These business environment notes are still in process. In future, you can read all topics}

Nature of Business Environment The Process of Environment Scanning


Meaning of Business Importance of Environment Scanning
Micro Environment of Business Factors of Environment Scanning
Macro Environment of Business Approaches of Environment Scanning
Economic Environment of Business Environment Appraisal
Political Environment of Business SWOT Analysis 
Natural Environment of Business PESTEL analysis
Demographic Environment  Strategic planning
Technological Environment  Environmental monitoring
International Environment  Business strategy mapping
Objectives of Environment Study Strategic early warning system
Limitation of Environment Analysis Enterprise planning systems

Economic Environment  Political Environment
Introduction Introduction
Economic Reforms FEMA 2000
Economic Planning IT Act 2000
Economic Policies  MRTP Act 1969

Competition Act 2002

FTDR Act 1992

Social Environment   Technological Environment
Social class
Social circle
Social group
Social mobility
Social position
Social status
International Business Environment  MNC
International Financial System Benefits of MNCs
International Gold standard Drawbacks of MNCs
Gold Exchange Standard Recent Trends of MNCs
Bretton Woods System Role of MNCs in India
Floating Exchange Rate Foreign Collaboration
IMF Harmful Effect of MNCs
World Bank Control over MNCs
GAAT Anti-corporate activism
WTO Global workforce
UNCTAD Globalization

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