How to Make Driving Licence in India

In the age of corruption in India, some people are taking enough money for making driving licence in India. If you are good citizen of India, never capture in the talking of these people. You should make your driving licence directly without any linkman. Following steps will be helpful for making your driving licence in India.

1st Step : Collect the Documents Photo Copy

For making driving licence, you need to collect two proof's photo copy. One is of the proof of your age and second is of your residential place. You can get your age proof from the photo copy of your 10th certificate or from PAN Card's photo copy and second proof is of your residential place which you can get from electricity bill photo copy or your voter card's photo copy. These photocopies should be attested from notary officer.

2nd Step : Apply for Driving Licence

Driving licence is given by Govt. transport officer. In every district, you can find Government Swidha Centre. Where you can get application of driving licence. Its cost will be Rs. 10. Now fill it by yourself. After this, go to medical test. It is just like a drama. Doctor will test your blood group and take Rs. 40 as fees and will issue your medical fitness certificate. Now, you have to deposit same medical certificate and application in Swidha Centre. It will again get Rs. 60 and give your the time of 10 days.

3rd Step : Get Learning Driving Licence

After 10 days, you will get learning driving licence. Now, drive your vehicle more carefully. After 45 days, you will have to pay about Rs. 300 and you will get long period regular driving licence.

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